Early Preschool

Early Preschool Program

24 months – 36 months

Our Early Preschool is a class designed specifically for older toddler aged children. In this program we begin to introduce the daily routine of the preschool classrooms, in accordance with the advancing developmental level of children in this age range. Teachers conduct small and large group times and allow plenty of time for free exploration of materials. To facilitate the increasing independence of children this age, one of our main goals in this program is to encourage the development of self-help skills. Children will be given support and encouraged to maintain the cleanliness and safety of their environment and to take care of their own personal hygiene needs. Children will also be encouraged to use manners in their daily interactions. Teachers will provide opportunities throughout the day for students to practice their emerging verbal skills through songs, stories and daily one-on-one and group interactions. There is a scheduled morning and afternoon outside time, weather permitting, to encourage the development of their gross and fine motor skills.