Pre-Kindergarten Program

4 – 5 years (year proceeding Kindergarted)

Our Pre-Kindergarten program operates year-round during our normal business hours. Our day begins with a morning circle. During this time the class comes together as a large group to discuss the theme for the week and any daily news that pertains to the class. The students then break up into small groups to plan their activities in the science, math, language/reading, writing, block, art and house area for work time. Individual assignment cards provide children with work at their developmental level. Outside play is then encouraged to develop both large and small motor skills. Both morning and afternoon outside play sessions will consist of running, kicking, throwing, jumping, pedaling, climbing, and exploring nature to its fullest, weather permitting. Students are served breakfast, afternoon snack and a nutritious lunch. Pre-Kindergarteners are required to rest each day after lunch. Children bring a bottom sheet and a light blanket for rest time. Bedrolls and pillows are permitted, along with a soft sleeping buddy.

We continue to provide real life, hands on experience with an increasing emphasis placed on writing and individual assignments. Within our daily lessons, we discuss letter recognition, letter sound, spelling, writing, solving math word problems, graphing, science concepts and how classroom activities relate to the world around us. We use field trips, service projects, cooking projects, art projects, community visitors, and occasional videos to enhance our curriculum.