Premier Preschools Campuses

At Premier Preschools, we are committed to providing children with a strong educational foundation through our developmentally appropriate programs in a warm, nurturing and secure environment. Because we know you have a choice, Premier Preschools offer families a childcare program that includes the benefits you have come to expect from your childcare provider, plus a solid educational foundation your child can build upon. Children are taught to think creatively, to solve problems, and to experience the joy of learning. The children are encouraged to find a variety of alternatives to solve problems, to view mistakes as opportunities for learning, and to regard learning as a joyful and lifelong experience. Teachers hold high expectations in academic and social achievement. Since learning is enhanced by optimum mental, physical, and emotional health, children are taught from the beginning, the importance of a healthy balance of nutrition, exercise, rest, work and play. In addition to academic areas of learning, Premier Schools will also emphasize the arts, physical education; a peaceful means of relating to others, and culturally accepted values. Premier Preschools are committed to the development of self-responsibility, responsibility not only for one’s actions or behavior but also for the feelings and emotions of others. Children are taught to respect themselves and their classmates. In today’s technological society, in which information and communication are available at the touch of our fingertips, education must move forward in new directions towards more creative ways of thinking. We must acknowledge that we are part of a global society and if children are to be prepared to live and function in the twenty first century, we must be willing to incorporate nontraditional and expanded ways of educating. We would love to tell you more! You can simply register online, come see us, email, or call for more information on what makes us the right choice for your family!

Madison Campus

1827 Slaughter Rd.
Madison , Al 35758

Huntsville Campus

5095 Premier Drive
Huntsville, AL 35805

Madison campus daycare